The fruiting body of a basidiomycete that contains the basidia.

Microbiology. . 2009.

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  • basidiocarp — /beuh sid ee oh kahrp /, n. Mycol. the fruiting body of basidiomycetes that produces the basidia. [BASIDI(UM) + O + CARP] * * * ▪ sporophore also called  basidioma        in fungi, a large sporophore, or fruiting body, in which sexually produced… …   Universalium

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  • Trama (mycology) — In mycology trama is a term for the inner, fleshy portion of a mushroom s basidiocarp, or fruit body. It is distinct from the outer layer of tissue, known as the pileipellis or cuticle, and from the spore bearing tissue layer known as the… …   Wikipedia

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